How can I get married without an elaborate wedding ceremony in Australia?

Marriage is a process when two people decide to make their relationship legal, official, and public. Marriage usually brings out feelings of happiness, anxiety and excitement. 

In a 2008 Australian Relationship Indicator Survey respondents listed the most common reasons why people get married. The top reasons were love, followed by companionship, signifying a lifelong commitment and children’s security. Interestingly, when respondents were asked why people don’t get married, their top reason is previous bad experiences. 

Marriage could bring so much joy for the couples, but it also has its share of challenges. The married couple handles the marriage to determine it would become a lifelong commitment or collapse and end up in divorce. Having open communication is the key to have a long-term connection.

Couples sometimes change their personalities to adapt to the new situation. In research conducted by Justin Lavner, a Psychologist from The University of Georgia shows that people’s personalities change within the first year and a half after marriage. 

When the research data were analyzed after 18 months of marriage, they showed trends in personality change for husbands and wives. These changes are likely adaptations of the couple to the demands of marriage. Marriage can bring out the best in couples, but they need to make adjustments to work. 

How can I get married without an elaborate wedding

When planning a wedding in Australia, there are several options couples can choose from traditional weddings to a more simple ones. You can get married without an elaborate and big wedding ceremony. We spoke with Aaron from lake macquarie bathroom renovations and he explains to us his experience.

If couples do not want a large wedding with an extensive guest list, flowers, decorations, flowers, complicated preparations and big venues, they can choose a “Legals Only” marriage ceremony. It is a wedding type where couples will comply with the minimum requirement of getting married legally in Australia. 

Traditionally this wedding can take place in any of the local Registry Office in Australia. But it can also take place in any location such as garden, home, restaurant, events venue and other areas. The couples need to comply with all the legal paperwork and find an authorized celebrant. 

Reasons to consider a “Legals Only marriage ceremony”.

  1. It’s simple, straightforward and requires very minimal preparations. 
  2. You don’t have to have an extensive guest list, and You only need your two witnesses present during the ceremony.
  3. It’s quick, quiet and private, and there are no elaborate ceremonies. 
  4. Legals only marriage has minimal cost to the couples.
  5. It is a legally recognized wedding but with less stress to the pair. 

Steps for a “Legal Only Marriage”

  1. Book a legally recognized wedding celebrant.
  2. File the Notice of Intended marriage at least 30 days before the schedule of the wedding. 
  3. At least. 2 witnesses that are 18 years old or above. It can be your friends or people in the vicinity of the place of the wedding. 
  4. Sign and submit the No Legal Impediment to Marriage. 
  5. The celebrant will say the legal declaration and request the couple to sign the legal papers.
  6. Each of the couples will say the legal declaration in front of the celebrant and witness, a legal requirement for the marriage to become legally recognized. 
  7. The couples and witnesses will sign legal papers such as the three copies wedding certificate. The celebrant will file it within 14 days after the wedding.

After doing all the steps, the couple is already legally married. Legals only marriage is simple, has minimal preparation, and very private.